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Ken Haas Angus
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2024 Bull Sale Tuesday January 16th @ 1pm.

Ken Haas has been in the Registered Angus Business for over 40 years. Ken has always had a strong passion for the care and development of good cattle. Ken was born and raised in southeast Wyoming with a strong family influence in Angus cattle. He graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1973 and started working his way to own and operate his own herd of registered cows.

Through extensive planning, forward thinking and hands on management, Ken has built a reputation for offering quality and productive progeny that fit the many diverse cattle operations today. Our customer's calves have a reputation for uniformity, feedlot performance (including efficiency) and carcass traits that help keep our customers with their repeat buyers. Operators who sell calves at weaning will benefit from the high weaning weights that are trademark of calves sired from Ken Haas Bulls. High yearling weights are essential to the yearling operator as well as to the feeders who buy weaned calves. We believe that carcass traits are very important in beef production today. When it's all said and done, these cattle end up on someone's plate, and having choice or prime beef is the ultimate. We strive to use the best carcass genetics available, while not sacrificing growth traits, maternal traits, efficiency and structural correctness. Emphasis is also placed on calving ease, a trait in great demand, particularly for our "management free" operators.

We thank the many repeat customers who have purchased bulls the last 43 years both privately and through our "Right Combination Bull Sale".



“All Bull Videos can be previewed before Sale on DVAuction Under Ken Haas Angus “Right Combination Bull Sale”

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